Murray Darling Basin

IRN is currently focussing on the implementation of the Basin Plan as a member of the Lifeblood Alliance. This is a broad alliance of Aboriginal communities, conservationists, floodplain graziers, recreational and commercial fisherman, birdwatchers, tourism operators and downstream communities relying on a fair share of water.

The Lifeblood Alliance represents people across the Basin from Queensland to the Murray Mouth committed to keeping the rivers, wetlands and aquifers of the Murray-Darling Basin healthy for the benefit of current and future generations.

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Dams and weirs

Dams and weirs along rivers capture natural flows and impede fish passage to higher river reaches.

The NSW Government is considering a proposal to build a new large dam in the Lachlan River catchment in inland NSW

IRN has been working with the Belubula River Alliance to prevent a new dam being built on this Lachlan tributary that will have major environmental, social and heritage impacts.

Floodplain Harvesting

Irrigators in many Northern Basin catchments have built levees and dams to capture and store floodwaters as they spread across the landscape.

This prevents the water reaching downstream areas and providing the many environmental benefits of flooding such as groundwater recharge, deposit of new fertile soils, filling billabongs, lagoons and wetlands.

IRN does not support floodplain licences being issued as a new private property right in the water market without rigorous environmental assessment.

Improved Water Management & Compliance in NSW

In July 2017 ABC Four Corners exposed the extent of political corruption and poor water management under the Coalition Government in NSW.

Following on from allegations of water theft by large corporate irrigators on the Barwon-Darling, IRN has taken the challenge up to the Land and Environment Court, because the NSW Government hasn’t. We are being assisted by the NSW Environmental Defenders Office (EDO)

More information about the case is available from the EDO website:

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